A satirist, a scoffer / Honoré Daumier (1808–1879). The master of French caricature

The Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

4 October 2012 – 4 February 2013

Lower the curtain, the farce is over! (Baissez le rideau, la farce est jouée), La Caricature September 11th 1834

Honoré Daumier is known above all as a draughtsman who created satirical images of the daily lives of the inhabitants of 19th-century France. The drawings made for two Paris newspapers over the period of several decades aptly show the political and cultural changes affecting French society. Daumier’s work also influenced the graphic art from this period, as reflected in the exhibition staged by the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts, containing also the works of the master’s followers. Almost two hundred drawings and prints can be seen.