Art is changing (a) place

To say that art is changing is to state the obvious. But the question of the way in which it is changing is not so trivial.
Art changed its location – it left the studio, but it also escaped somewhere beyond the galleries, beyond museum rooms. What does it mean for the institutions and to what extent the thinking about the infrastructure for art should be changed? And does the new venue for art also change? What is happening in the cities, the landscape, the public and private space subjected to the influence of art?

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      Jacek Purchla

  • Art is changing (a) place
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      A new substance of art
      Anda Rottenberg, Joanna Rajkowska, Katarzyna Kozyra

      Anda Rottenberg talks toJoanna Rajkowska and Katarzyna Kozyra

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      Museum – activation
      Katarzyna Jagodzińska

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      The biennial craze
      Magdalena Ujma

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      Michał Wiśniewski

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  • European Capitals of Culture
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      Pècs 2010. An unfinished attempt at modernization
      Zoltán Bencze

  • Reflections, Impressions, Opinions
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      Polish and Georgian cultural experiences. The Avant-garde against Socialist Realism
      Bela Tsipuria

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      Post-industrial structures
      Wojciech Wilczyk

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      National Gallery of Moravia
      Łukasz Galusek

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      A two-bookimage of Lviv
      Katarzyna Kotyńska, Paweł Jarosz

  • By Myself
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      Unrequited love
      Mykola Riabchuk