To make digital Herito more available we are redesigning the app. 
A new version is coming soon. In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us:

Digital "Herito" offers new freedoms – now the full dynamism of Central European heritage, culture and identity is entirely within your grasp! But this app is not just light and handy. We were keen to ensure that our handheld readers sacrifice nothing of their reading pleasure, so our signature graphic quality is fully comparable with that of the hard copy edition – with the added benefits of more photographs and new editorial solutions.
Now the cultural kaleidoscope that is Central Europe can be with you wherever you go. We hope you find it an inspiration in your day-to-day work, those rare moments of relaxation, and also on your summer travels.

“Herito”  is the first periodical offering a contemporary take on the heritage, culture and identity of Central Europe. It is aimed at both experts on the region and those with less specific interests.

  • It profiles current trends, projects, exhibitions, conferences and publications relevant to the region
  • It helps you keep abreast of cultural policy and trends in heritage management 
  • It maps the development of new, innovative institutions 
  • It locates and sounds out hotspots of creative thought and action

Our international team of authors ensures that we maintain a broad perspective, and also enables us to offer insider presentations of subjective opinions on the cultural melting-pot of this region of the continent.

Digital  “Herito” is available for download from the Google Play and from the App Store. First digital issue is available for free download!