„Maidan, Migrants, and Democracy” 5 numer „Visegrad Insight”

Piąty numer "Visegrad Insight", anglojęzycznego pisma  poświęconego polityce, biznesie i społeczeństwu państw Grupy Wyszehradzkiej, skupia się na trzech głównych tematach: logice ukraińskiego Majdanu, migracjom i redefinicji Europejskiej demokracji.

Oksana Forostyna writes that the ongoing occupation of Crimea and other cities in Eastern Ukraine ensures that the people are kept on high alert, while Martin Ehl argues that migration in Central Europe is a far-reaching matter thus far only addressed poorly by politicians, but with long-term implications for each of the states and societies involved.

Is Europe really united in diversity? Both ethnic nationalism and religion remain major ideological driving forces shaping global politics, writes Ivan Krastev, one of most influential public intellectuals today. Political platforms that contradict democratic ideals ahead of the European elections attest to this opinion. Visegrad Insight brings together the most recent debates and research connected to this question.

In addition, the focal point on the Eastern Partnership identifies future challenges to the European Neighbourhood Policy. A must read for readers looking for insight into Central European affairs.

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"Visegrad Insight" is an analysis and opinion journal led by accomplished editors from the Visegrad Group countries: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia. Its aim is to provide a platform for high profile debate on the perspectives and challenges for cooperation of the Central European governments, business and communities. Published twice a year by Res Publica Nowa, Poland. Funded by the International Visegrad Fund.

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